You get 3000 design points on default,some games may give more or less.

Prefixes and Suffixes

Prefixes and Suffixes are either flat stat increases or bonuses. Generally uncomplicated effects and cost 200 points. They are added to your name E.G Daring Fuck head the Wise.

Daring/The Courageous: +3  DMG when fighting a enemy for the first time

Clever/The Wise: +2 plus INT normally but -3 on perception checks

Mad Ol'/The Maniacal: +4 INT normally but -7 INT on sanity checks

Dodging/The Escape Artist: +4 SPD when running away from anything.


The meat and potato's of your character's numbers. There are 5 Stats:

DMG - Damage - How hard you hit.

DEF - Defense - How hard you get hit.

SPD - Speed - How fast you move/perform tasks.

INT - Intelligence - How smart you are, also used for perception and sanity checks.

WPW - Willpower - The most circumstantial of the stats but the most powerful when needed. Used for Tests of Will.

Tests of Will

When things look their most grim,  You can roll a test of will for a temporary stat boost.

Tests of will are used for the most dire moments of a campaign, when your players are up shit creek without so much as a spoon. A test of will can turn fights around and even unlock new permanent abilities if its cool enough.


You have a pool of starting equipment decided by the GM. You can take 3 items from the pool.


There are none but you can build your characters to be like a class.


Write the personality and back story of your character. It doesn't affect stats but might tie into the plot.

Character sheet

Note: although this sheet is the basic one for AoC, some spinoffs like Rise of Sinistar have different versions.

Name Prefix Bonuses Suffix Bonuses
Attack Defense Speed Intelligence Willpower
Health X/X Inventory
Personality Backstory

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